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Lancaster County District Attorney Heather Adams has announced that six community-based drug and crimefighting programs in Lancaster County will receive donations totaling $82,500 from the Lancaster County Drug Task Force’s forfeiture funds. Restart Training Center Ministry was blessed to receive $10,000.

“I am so pleased to be able to use drug forfeiture funds to strengthen these community-based programs,” District Attorney Heather Adams said. “The sharing of asset forfeiture proceeds allows us to meet the broader intended goal of forfeiture and that is our duty to assist community-based efforts to address drug addiction, rehabilitation and the prevention of crime – all of which ultimately increases public safety.”

Restart Training Center Ministry (RTCM) will utilize the contributions to provide recovery support to substance abusers of illegal drugs with the goal of preventing further abuse and crime related to that use. RTCM is a community-based program with international certified alcohol and drug counselors on staff. These counselors have over 15 years working in drug addiction environments that help drug users reach recovery and become productive citizens. Restart Executive Director Jaime Santiago said the program will use the funds to address the epidemic of substance use disorders in the lives of the citizens in our community. “This will help our community members by helping them achieve and maintain sobriety, reducing crime and improving family safety and relationships,” Santiago said.