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Restart Training Center is a faith-based minimum six-month long men’s full residential recovery support program. We are located on an Amish minister’s 90-acre farm in Lancaster, PA. We have 12 beds available at our facility. We have at least four single male intern staff that live on the property with our client’s (students as we call them) at our program who supervise them 24 hours a day, seven days per week. We escort/supervise our clients at all venues they are required to participate in by us, the Court, and/or their probation/parole officer. Our students are not allowed to be on narcotic or psychotropic medications during their entire six-month stay here.

The following services are offered to the client’s while they are completing the initial six months in our program: (1) weekly individual counseling; 2) weekly group counseling; 3) attendance at two 12-Step recovery support groups in the community at large; 4) weekly community service at a local nonprofit where our client’s help assemble boxes of food to be dispersed throughout the Susquehanna region and beyond; 5) 25 hours or more weekly of life skills and spiritual class instruction on many subjects (e.g., anger management, emotional intelligence, addiction recovery, PTSD, etc.); 6) 3-6 hours weekly gym/recreation time at the local YMCA in West Lampeter where we have a membership; 7) 6-12 hours of relationship counseling with our client and his spouse/girlfriend, children or other family members; 8) Transportation to/from required medical or legal appointments; 9) Weekly attendance at corporate worship services; and 10) Vocational training through local businesses when available.

Our lead counselor Mr. Samuel Mwangi is ICADC and is the former lead counselor for The Naaman Center office located in Quarryville, PA and the CEO of Community Care & Addiction Recovery Services located in Leola, PA. Pastor Jaime Santiago has a master’s in LPC and worked as a part-time contracted therapist at The Naaman Center Vine Street Lancaster, PA location. Pastor Jaime Santiago is a recovered person of addiction for over 34 years, never relapsed and graduated from Teen Challenge in 1991 after completing their one-year residential program.

Sincerely Yours,

Pastor J. Jaime Santiago, MA
Executive Director – Restart Training
Center Ministry, Inc.

Thank you for your interest in services offered by Restart Training Center Ministry, Inc’s program. Please fill out the Intake Personal Inventory Form in its entirety. If a line item does not apply to you, please enter “not applicable” in the space provided.

If you are applying for our residential program service the tuition is $3,000 for the six-month program and is non-refundable. You can snail-mail your intake form along with your intake fee, fax it and snail-mail your intake fee, or drop off both your intake form and fee in person to our program location. Please note a bed date will not be assigned or reserved for a client until the completed intake form and fee are both received from the client at our ministry. 

RTCM Student Handbook

Click the link below to read the Restart Training Center Ministry, Inc. handbook. You MUST read the ENTIRE handbook and acknowledge your agreement to ALL the rules when you submit the form below. If you are submitting the online form, you do not need to sign page 15 of the printed handbook.

RTCM Student Checklist

Click the link below to read the Restart Training Center Ministry, Inc. student checklist. This list explains what each student is and is NOT allowed to bring to the program. Please download the checklist and be sure to follow it when you are preparing to come to Restart.