Our Team

Our Staff

Pastor Jaime Santiago

Founder/Executive Director

Jaime founded the ministry in the Spring of 2015 and serves as the Executive Director for RTCM. He’s served in other addiction ministries such as Teen Challenge and Revelations of Freedom Ministries for the past 17 years. He obtained a master’s degree in Licensed Professional Counseling from Liberty University in May of 2018. He is an ordained pastor in the Assemblies of God church. Jaime lives with his wife Pam and youngest daughter in Lancaster County, PA not far from their married son, his wife, and two grandchildren, and two other daughters live out of state. He enjoys biking, swimming, fishing, and quality time with his family.

Pam Santiago

Bookkeeper/Office Manager/Events Director

Pam joined the team in the Fall of 2015 as the ministry was in its initial stages of development and serves as the Office Manager/ Bookkeeper for RTCM. She’s served/ volunteered in other addiction ministries such as Teen Challenge for the past 16 years. She obtained a counseling degree from Liberty University in December of 2014 and aids local businesses in administrative/ bookkeeping services. Pam lives with her husband Jaime and youngest daughter in Lancaster County, PA not far from their married son, his wife, and two grandchildren, and two other daughters live out of state. She enjoys reading, the beach, traveling, and quality time with her family.

Cassie Santiago

Graphic Designer/Marketing Manager

Cassie joined the team in the Spring of 2015 as the ministry was in its initial stages of development and during this time she was finishing her degree at Grace College. She serves as the graphic designer and aids in other marketing needs for RTCM. She’s served other ministries and businesses while obtaining a degree from Liberty University and enhancing her design experience. Her family resides in the Lancaster County, PA area and she is the second oldest of four siblings. She enjoys traveling, art, swimming, and hiking.

Josh Hall

Assistant Director

I first got connected with RTCM because of my relationship with Pastor Jaime. I serve with RTCM as the Assistant Director. I have a heart to serve those who have chosen to use drugs and other addictions to cope with and/or run away from the pain that they have suffered based on an understanding that addicted people have needs that they have learned to meet in an unhealthy and ungodly way. My family currently resides in Columbus, OH. I have a mother, brother, multiple nephews and nieces, as well as extended family currently living there. I love to travel, going to concerts, and attending festivals. I enjoy writing and playing music, working out, watching sports, hanging out with friends, and reading.

Kaylene Mullet
Administrative Assistant

I got connected with RTCM through meeting Cassie and then her parents. I serve as an Admin Assistant, helping with data entry, paperwork for student intakes and graduations, and other administrative related tasks. My church in Montana had a women’s Teen Challenge Center come to share a presentation along with testimonies a few times, and it always left a huge impression on me, enough that I wanted to be involved in an addiction recovery program in various capacities and opportunities available. I have seven siblings of which I am the oldest. My parents and siblings, including one married brother and sister-in-law, all live in northwestern Montana. I enjoy reading, good conversations, music, and sewing.

Querida Santiago
Social Media Marketer

Querida joined the team in the late Fall of 2022 and serves as the Social Media Marketer for RTCM. She also works full-time as a store manager at a coffee shop. She finished her business degree at Lancaster Bible College in December of 2022 and has been desiring to use that degree in a ministry capacity and is enjoying gaining experience through her time here. Her family resides in Lancaster County, NYC, and NC and she is the youngest of four siblings. She enjoys reading, listening to her records, and spending time with her friends, especially when coffee is involved.

Michael Bland

House Manager

Bob Severson

Class Instructor

Bob joined the team in the Spring of 2017 after learning about the ministry while volunteering as a chaplain at Lancaster County Prison. Now he serves as a class instructor for RTCM and vets prisoners interested in entering the program. Bob encountered a gang member turned minister in June of 1970 when he was seeking help for his niece who was battling addiction. A year later, he came to know the Lord and served as a board member for that ministry while teaching the Bible in state prisons. Bob has a passion for seeing God transform the lives of those battling addiction.

Clint Frank


Levi Fisher


Ed Martin


RTCM Board Of Directors

(pictured left to right) 

Mr. Levi Fisher | Quarryville, PA | Vice-Chairman

Mr. Pedro Santiago | Reinholds, PA | Treasurer

Mr. Andrew Ebersol | Leola, PA | Board Member

Mr. Henry Horst | Lititz, PA | Board Member

Pastor Jaime Santiago | Gap, PA | Executive Director/Founder

Mr. Jim West | Auburn, PA | Chairman/Acting Secretary