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Please consider being a business sponsor for our 2023 Sportsman Banquet scheduled for March 21 & 22, 2023. We are looking forward to having guest speaker Brent Henderson join us this year! This is a family-friendly event. Stay tuned for business sponsorship and ticket details coming soon!

Brent Henderson is a nationwide speaker, published author, professional outdoorsman, John Maxwell certified life coach, ordained pastor, and a national recording artist. He’s toured with Dove and Grammy Award winning artists including Steven Curtis Chapman, Sandi Patti, Avalon, and Crystal Lewis. Brent is an in-demand speaker and has been featured at hundreds of outreach events including the Billy Graham Crusade, Promise Keepers, and Iron Sharpens Iron. Brent also speaks more than 60 times per year for men’s retreats, wild game dinners, men’s conferences, schools, and in churches all around the world. Brent understands what makes men tick, how to capture and hold their attention, and how to move men to action. His transformational message has moved over 14,000 men to receive Christ in just the past decade alone. Brent’s hard to top guy stories and powerful message will guide you through the wilderness, equip you to overcome the harsh realities of the unseen with overwhelming force, and awaken the roar within. Learn more about Brent here!

A note from Brent regarding “The Roar Within”...

In these events I take the guys through their identity in Christ, where do the lies come from that we buy into, and how we untangle whose lies. I call it, “declawing the lies of the enemy.” I also take the guys through the Big 5 Man-Killers that destroy every man (lack of purpose, lack of respect, anger, lust, and shame), and I do this using the Big 5 African animals tying each one of those struggles to each one of the animals. It’s a powerful way to hold their attention and give them the tools they need to defeat the enemy.

May 2023 men's retreat featuring this book is Auction item #3 at the Banquets

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