Restart Building Capital Campaign

Why Does Restart Need A New and Larger Building?

  • Restart currently leases an old farmhouse on a preserved farm and cannot buy any land from the Amish farmer.
  • Restart will need to vacate the old farmhouse once the Amish farmer’s son wants to take over the farm.
  • Restart doesn’t have much time left before we will be forced to move.
  • Restart will increase the number of beds available to help traumatized addicted men from 12 to 48.
  • Restart will create 24 available beds in the 1st Phase of the program and 24 available beds in the 2nd Phase of the program. 
  • Restart will offer vocational training therapy to 1st Phase Students in the program through local Christian businesses.
  • Restart will offer 2nd Phase students who completed the 1st Phase of the program transitional housing.
  • Restart will provide the evening meal for 2nd Phase students.
  • Restart will continue to support 2nd Phase students by requiring them to participate in local church, support group/class, mentoring/counseling, and family time.

How can you help support Restart's new vision?

Ways to Help:

  • By serving on our capital campaign committee
  • By giving to the capital campaign
  • By adding Restart to your living will & estate
  • By helping us find a property
  • Praying


  • Mail: Print the capital campaign response card PDF, fill out, & mail in with check or credit card information. Note: Cash is accepted but not recommended through the mail.
  • Phone: Call Jaime, the Restart Executive Director, at 717-304-3341 and give your credit card gift over the phone.
  • Website: Donate with credit card via our online form below.

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