Valentine Banquet

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Please consider being a business sponsor for our 2024 Valentine Banquet scheduled for January 30, 2024.We are looking forward to having guest speakers Brent & Stacy Henderson and guest musicians Daniel & Emma Lynn Glick join us this year! This is a family-friendly event. Stay tuned for business sponsorship, table sponsorship, and ticket details coming soon!

Guest Speakers:

God has a way of writing stories in a way that brings hope, encourages, transforms, and unites. He takes the most difficult circumstances and turns challenges into gifts.

Stacy’s story is one of abandonment, abuse, and deep loss. “What a child almost always understands about God comes through their earthly father.” Stacy was abandoned by her mom at the age of 8. If that wasn’t enough, she never had the blessing of knowing who her earthy father was until she was almost 40 years old. A little girl should never have to endure pain like that. This pain led to a lifetime of loneliness, shame, never feeling good enough to be loved, and not trusting that her Heavenly Father would really take care of her, or if he even existed.

Brent’s story was almost the exact opposite. Growing up in Pennsylvania, his mother and father were both heavily involved in church. Brent’s mother led the choir, and his father taught Sunday school. Brent would go on to become a national recording artist in the Christian music industry, and it would take him on a journey around the world with some of the biggest names in music. He would also become an ordained pastor, a certified life coach, speaker, and author, but a personal shipwreck in his life years earlier would haunt him. That shame would leave him feeling abandoned, alone, ashamed, and not worthy of God’s love.

Guest Musicians: 

Daniel & Emma Lynn Glick have 4 daughters—Melody, Shantae, Faith, and Olivia—and are located in Lancaster County PA. Daniel plays acoustic guitar. They sing and record albums as a part time job/ministry. They enjoy traveling and doing concerts with their children and their band. Emma Lynn enjoys writing and wrote and self-published her book, Metamorphosis. They recorded 7 albums, all available in their online store. Their desire is to encourage people and praise our Lord through song. Listen to their music here!

What the enemy had tried to destroy, God would restore, and then some. His plan is so much larger than we can even dream or imagine…for all of us. God began to weave an amazing story of love, healing, and restoration that would not only change their lives, but thousands of others. Brent and Stacy’s transparency, honesty, and vulnerability will both move you, and transform you forever.

Learn more about Brent & the Men Unleashed ministry here! Learn more about Stacy, her story, & the Women Unveiled ministry here!

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