Fall Banquet

Stay Tuned!

Please consider being a business sponsor for our 2023 Fall Banquet scheduled for October 3, 2023. We are looking forward to having guest speaker Dr. James Reeves and guest musicians Amos Raber Family join us this year! This is a family-friendly event. Stay tuned for business sponsorship and ticket details coming soon!

As Senior Pastor of Fort Worth’s City On a Hill church for 40 years, Dr. James Reeves regularly saw wounded people find help, hope, and healing through Jesus Christ. He received his B.A. in Greek from Baylor University, and MDIV/DMIN degrees from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. In addition to producing the Fearless Series for Women, he’s also authored Refuge Life Change. Learn more about Dr. Reeves here!

ByGrace Ministry was born out of the pain and healing processes of losing loved ones. It’s comprised of Amos, Margaret, and their five children ranging in ages 6-14 years old. Amos & Margaret have spent most of their married life—later joined by their children who play several different instruments—traveling in ministry, singing and preaching in churches, prisons, community events, and wherever the Lord opens the door. Listen to their music here!

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