Restart Training Center Ministry is a faith-based in-patient program and is completely donor supported. RTCM is a 501c3 organization. We ask for your help with your tax-deductible love gifts to love men and families in our community to spiritual renewal and a transformed life.


Send your tax-deductible love gift to:


P.O. Box 153

Strasburg, PA 17579-0153

(717) 304-3341


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Restart Training Center Ministry, Inc. offers the following services to the community:


  • In-Patient Residential Program Service

Restart Training Center Ministry, Inc. offers a residential program for addicted men eighteen years old and older. The length of stay for clients is 6 months long minimum for a total of $2250.00. The RTCM staff release a client from the program when we feel the client is ready and has completed the life-change goals that the pastoral counselor and client created.


What the In-Patient Residential Program Service provides addicted adult men is a safe drug, alcohol, pornography, and gambling free environment to heal from the control their addiction has over their life. In addition, the residential program consists of spiritual formation & life classes, vocational training therapy, community service projects, one-on-one weekly pastoral counseling sessions, weekly group counseling, and other program services. The cost to the client is an initial $1000 intake fee (non-refundable) and a $250 monthly fee will begin the second month forward every month the client is in the program. Please see our Admissions Page for instructions on how to apply to enter our program.

  • Other Services

Restart Training Center Ministry, Inc. offers additional services to the community:

  • Couples pastoral counseling
  • Family pastoral counseling
  • Seminar/Workshops on addiction to chemicals or pornography
  • Drug awareness and prevention presentations
  • Preaching/public speaking as guest speakers

Other services are provided on a donation basis. Contact us for recommended donation for each service.


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